Agrohasat, Agricultural equipment has been operating in the manufacturing sector. Our company started production in 1990 eletleri agriculture, the agricultural production process, up to the present day modern machinery, transport of tools that contribute to the country's agriculture has been the lead organization.

Our company, in order to ensure the flow of production innovations in the service impeccable and puts into practice the power of you again with new designs and innovations stability of production continues to offer an alternative product types.

If we simply ignore the products that we produce;

  • Single-disc fertilizer spreader,
  • Fertilizer Spreader Machine and
  • Fertilizer Spreader Heavy equipments.



Agricultural Equipment Machinery philosophy of continuous improvement in the manufacturing sector, based on the demands of our customers fully meet customer requirements, taking into account the legal requirements, produce error-free and high quality products.
In addition, timely delivery and after sales customer to be there to perform.



In accordance with the wishes of the customer, with high quality products produced by automated modern plants, which operates effectively in national and international markets, and a leading company in the industry to be respected.
We, manufacture and sell all our products, we rely on all kinds of satisfaction and complaints are accepted as a gift. Customer satisfaction continues to manufacture and friendly service in the industry with an understanding of our company, you are on the customers' desire to see of, do our best ...